A Home for the Henry Family

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A common question I get asked is, "How long will it take me to find a home?" For me, as a Realtor, that's a really hard question to answer.  Some might answer, "The first weekend we go out" . Others would reply, "Within a week! There's a home out there for everyone."   I can agree with that, there is a home for everyone.  However, sometimes it takes time, patience and a little flexibility. 

I met the Henry family back at the beginning of 2019.  Mr. Henry is a hard working plumber who had been wasting thousands on rent every month.  All he wanted was a home for his growing family that they could call their own.  We hooked him up with a couple of mortgage companies to explore his options and his credit.  This is a super important part of the home buying process. 

The Henry family trusted me as their Realtor and the process.   We saw some interesting things and had plenty of fun along the way.  After seeing somewhere near 50 homes, submitting over 6 offers, we finally found THE ONE!  As soon as it came on the market we dropped everything and scheduled a showing.  (Literally dropped everything!)  This home checked just about every box on their list of what they wanted and needed their first home to contain.  

OFFER ACCEPTED!!!  Then the fun began.  The Henry family got all their paperwork submitted to the lender, worked with the inspector to learn all of the ins and outs of their home and then were patient for CLOSING DAY!!  There were a couple bumps along the way, many of them I was able to handle for them and ease their worry.  There were phone calls and texts late into the night sometimes, or super early in the morning between myself, Mr. Henry, his lender, the listing agent and even insurance.  

After a quick "30ish" days, I met Mr. Henry and his wife at the closing table.  Their adorable family of 4 was purchasing their first home!!  The town they wanted, the price they wanted and a yard for their kids to enjoy.  Such a great family and I very much enjoyed working with them.  

If you,  a friend, or family member is considering selling their home, or buying a home I would be honored to provide them with the same top notch service as I did the Henry Family! 

I look forward to going back to visit the Henry family and see all of the things they planned to complete and make this home their own. 


Henry Family